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Erin Caton for

Ward 1 City Councillor

Erin, her daughter and dog.
Erin Caton in a pink dress.


My whole life has been a problem solving adventure, and I love helping others thrive. I can always find a creative solution and I get results. I love Guelph. I moved and bought my home here three years ago with my daughter. Guelph is an amazing community and has the potential to be the most innovative city in Canada. I have endless ideas for ways to help our residents, businesses, tourism and tackle big issues like affordability and homelessness. Even though City Council is a part-time job, it’s going to be my top priority. I’m self-employed, so I have this flexibility. I want to help Guelph flourish into a magical place for my daughter to grow up. Unlike some past councillors, I will never put my business and self interests before yours. Once elected Ward 1 City Councillor, I work for you first.
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No matter the issue, I have an idea of how to solve it. As a project manager, I have the background and training to work with other government agencies and city staff on processes, risks, costs and trade offs for all the topics that are important to you. 

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Erin Caton wearing a black blazer and pink dress.
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