Ward 1 Services

Short Project Description

Lack of transit, commercial spaces, groceries, snowplowing, kids programs and postal outlets are services that need to be improved in Ward 1. I will champion those improvements.


Ward 1 has few on demand bus stops, entire areas that do not have any bus coverage and numerous safety and accessibility issues with bus stops. People who cannot or do not drive are stranded without options. Transit equity needs to be addressed.

Snow Removal

Snow removal is spotty and sidewalks are rarely cleared, let alone bus stops. We end up with a line of ice boulders at the end of driveways when the streets are done. This isn’t just an inconvenience, but a health hazard. Studies show men aged 50 and older are at a high risk for heart attacks shovelling snow, so clearing those end caps is dangerous. Snowy sidewalks cause falls, people who use mobility devices are trapped in their homes and parents can’t use strollers. Last year the Supreme Court ruled that sidewalk accidents due to snow are a municipal liability, so the city has to do better.

Food and Groceries

We need pop up farmers markets in the parks and small vendor booths so that all residents can get affordable food where they live. It's unreasonable to make people travel so far especially without transit. We have far more options than waiting on a Loblaw's in the South of Ward 1, which will be too far for most people to shop.

Commercial Spaces

Availability of attractive commercial spaces, and bad zoning decisions is a huge issue for businesses in Ward 1. We had a few commercial spaces planned in the North end a while back and they were replaced by housing. That’s helpful to developers, but not residents or businesses. We keep talking about having a walkable city, but we don’t zone for businesses that people want to walk to like groceries, sit down restaurants with patios, cafes you can sit in and more. I know residents are disappointed they have very few shopping options near their homes.

We need to design the city so that every neighbourhood has their own cute downtown area to relax in and spend their time. Most people would rather walk to a neighbourhood store over having to wait for a slow bus or pack up their families in the car and pay for expensive gas and parking downtown. It really feels like Ward 1 has been ignored for a long time when it comes to new commercial developments. Every new apartment building should have a well thought out shopping centre in the ground floor. I can realize this vision.


We need trails and safe bike lanes as well as playgrounds/parks everyone can use. Services designed for people of all ages and abilities.

Road Infrastructure and Safety

Road safety is another big concern. Speed cameras have been shown as an effective tool to slow drivers in cities like Mississauga, who are increasing their locations. We need to use traffic calming measures that pay for themselves over time and don't slow down fire trucks and ambulances like our recent install of speed bumps does. Ward 1 has a severe lack of stop signs, traffic lights, crosswalks, and bike lanes.

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