Service Affordability

Food Forward Bylaws

I recently found out that if you want to have a tree on a boulevard that you maintain, you have to register it and pay $100 every year. Even if that tree is a fruit tree and the fruit meant to be donated to nonprofits who feed locals. We need to rethink our bylaws to be progressive and food forward. Make it easier to grow food to feed your friends and families. Create more community gardens in parks, consider planting edible self reproducing plants like wild strawberries in public areas meant for grazing. We need to boost nonprofits who teach canning and drying and enable our population to lower their costs with victory gardens.

Partnerships with Community Groups

By allowing nonprofits to use spaces like the library for their community programs and waving permits in parks, we can help them help people in Guelph at low to no cost to the city. We should be encouraging neighbourhoods to throw their own events so people can meet each other and develop bonds with their neighbours. Each park could have a street shut down day in the summer like other cities have, and local restaurants and vendors could showcase their products. The same could be done with youth programs, food sharing, clothes swaps and more.

The Library

The library is the cornerstone of affordability for most families. By supporting the library, the city gives residents the opportunity to have free internet, books, access to business and grant databases, research databases, digital movie rentals and digital books, 3D printers, green screen video facilities, podcasting studios, puppet shows, meet up groups for new parents, youth programming space, business meeting space, accessible computer help, air quality monitors for lend, and more. We can make the cost of running the library more affordable for the city by building our own spaces like we are with our new downtown library, which is only going to have a tax levy of 0.34%. A remarkable deal for all the services it will provide for our growing population.

Sliding Scale Services

We have some services that are sliding scale now, and that's excellent. They are not very well advertised and some are hard to sign up for. However, our low cost bus passes, utilities discounts, and limited recreation options are a very good start. I would like to expand some of these to extend to help with property taxes to ensure people do not lose their homes if they go through a rough patch or develop a disability that affects their ability to work. Rents are not cheaper than mortgages and we should be doing all we can to ensure people do not end up homeless.

City Budget

As a long standing project and product manager, I would really love to tackle process inefficiencies in how we get things done municipally. I realize we are subject to various provincial and federal regulations, but there’s still way more that could be done to get things done faster and cheaper. So many issues pop up like overspending and schedule issues on the police station and people seem surprised they happened. It makes me wonder about how many risk and mitigation plans are being made for these plans. In my tech jobs, I was often hired for project forensics to investigate where things had gone off the rails and how to get them back on track. I’d be thrilled to focus on that issue. We need more people who are trained in, and good at the boring things on council.

I have successfully reduced my costs through my election campaign, efficiently using my donations, and am standing by my commitment to not accept donations from any developers.

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