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Park Farmer's Markets

Zoning for Walkability

I would zone new developments so that they all had commercial spaces that provided a sense of community. We have inequitable access to food throughout the ward and people want local, easy, healthy options to buy food for their families. I would love to have food truck days regularly, all year round on all the major streets or near parks so that businesses around town could showcase their foods in other parts of the city.

Markets in the Parks

I would like to build a covered, heated, open air market similar to the Portobello market in London, or the Aberfoyle farmer’s market. We could also use the larger covered pavilions like we have in Riverside Park for pop up markets year round with the addition of heaters and roll down plastic walls.

We could have sliding scale priced booths so small start up food and maker businesses could sell their products. I’ve talked to many vendors at the downtown farmers market and they loved the idea. It would not only be good for businesses, and covid safe, but also a revenue source for the city so it could lessen future taxes. It could also be used for event rentals. It would be a huge tourist draw. We have the potential to be an amazing vibrant city, and I am the leader to make it happen.

Project Gallery

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