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Kids' Community Programs

Mental Health

Young people have a lot going on and they need communities to bond with and guidance on how to appropriately handle their feelings. The city can provide spaces, such as the library and facilitate with nonprofits and private businesses to fill this need.

Curbing Mischief and Learning Skills

When kids and youth are frustrated and bored without any options, they get up to mischief. I have heard from many Ward 1 residents about late night door bell ringing affecting PTSD, littering, bike thefts, broken bottles and more. We have the opportunity to teach kids to create rather than destroy by partnering with groups like the Guelph Tool Library, and teach them how to fix things (like game controllers) and make their own up-cycled clothes.

We could encourage scholarships and sponsorships for kids interested in food programs to learn how to make their own lunches and dinners. Home gardening programs would help the whole family and private businesses could help get kids started up with mini LED light countertop greens and herbs.

Making Friends

A lot of kids just need community and a space to talk about shared interests would go a long way. Gamer clubs, live action anime and cartoon meet ups and the types of events that adults have conventions for would help kids make connections.

Accessible Spaces

Kids are high risk for airborne illnesses, or who have high risk families are the most isolated right now and we need to make space for them to participate by including air quality measures in meet up spaces and having online options, as well as making masks available for free.

Project Gallery

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