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Dog Parks

Dog Parks

Having a fenced in space so you and your pets can socialize with other pet owners is a lovely part of urban living. We definitely need options for all people in Guelph to participate in recreation that makes sense for them. While dog parks are amazing, we need to include public feedback and locate them where it makes sense for everyone. In the past, there have been some decisions made that have negatively affected parking, resident mental health, street safety, and impacted play spaces for kids and families. We need to return to our community roots and make sure we are really thinking about the risks, and consequences of our planning decisions. With a little forethought, we can have it all!

On-Leash Natural Spaces

Everyone has different comfort levels and that extends to our pets! We are fortunate to have many gorgeous trails and natural spaces in Guelph for ourselves and our dogs to roam. However, they are on leash areas and many dogs and owners talk to me about a few people who allow their pets off leash, which can cause frustration and in some cases, injuries. Please remember to be a good neighbour and keep your pet on leash while in the on-leash zones. We have off-leash areas where everyone can have a good time together.

Keep it Clean

Cleaning up after your pets and not littering is a sign of respect for yourself, your pet(s) and your community. It is unhealthy for all pets and people to not scoop pet waste. If needed, the city could begin a 'secret shopper' style program for bylaw officers to fine owners who do not clean up after pets and cause issues with dogs being off-leash in on-leash zones. It would be unfortunate to have to spend city money to monitor common courtesy but at core these are safety issues and safety in our city should be a priority.

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