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Accessible Playgrounds

The Problem

We love Riverside Park and Eastview Park, and it's not a coincidence that they are both amazing in part because everyone can use them. They were planned well and have a lot of options for all kids and caregivers to play together. You can feel the community vibe strongly. Unfortunately not all parks are created equal and many people in Guelph are not getting the most of our their property taxes and rents.

My Actions

As a resident and through the Accessibility Advisory Council (AAC), I have been pushing for equal access and proper park safety. You can read about the issues in this article that Guelph Today wrote about the petition I started to make this change a city policy.

I Get Results

Since starting the petition, the city came back to the AAC, saying they have fixed two of the five new redesigns to have proper surfaces. They are now changing the way they create their requests for vendors/designers too. However, there are still three playgrounds planned with wood chips. They can be altered later, but this approach of spending money on a poor quality alternative ends up costing us more money to replace down the line. I want Guelph to be safe and use our property taxes wisely. Let's do it right the first time! Read more about the details and sign the petition.

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