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GUELPH DISTRICT LABOUR COUNCIL Erin Caton Council Canadiate for Ward 1 Guelph District Labour Council Endorsed Candidate Erin Caton

Guelph & District Labour Council

I was one of two Ward 1 candidates endorsed by the GDLC, along with Michelle Bowman. 

At every level of government, I think this is solid advice. In #Guelph, I'm choosing to vote for diversity and fresh ideas over the same old/same old. I'll be voting for @erin in my Ward. #onpoli Diane Therrien © @DianeNTherrien • 5h Vote for artists. Vote for single parents. Vote for low income folks. Vote for young peeps. Vote for "non traditional candidates" Vote for THE FUTURE, not the past. Also, if you can, volunteer for a campaign. Find a c.

Kelly Caldwell, Guelph Realtor

I'm honoured to have been endorsed by Kelly, who is a fantastic local business woman and Ward 1 resident.

Rodrigo Goller,

Ward 2 City Councillor Guelph

I was thrilled to be endorsed by Rodrigo Goller, who has been an excellent city councillor in Guelph. He is very balanced, fair and always listens to feedback. I have been impressed with his advocacy for accessibility and look forward to his next term in office. 

Mike Ashkewe, Indigenous and Disability Advocate

Mike is a famous Guelph resident who makes amazing TikToks about his adventures in Guelph. He is the recent former disability representative for the Guelph NDP and now the Indigenous representative. 


Having his endorsement is a true accomplishment, because Mike will always tell it like it is and has high standards.  

“Having watched Erin in action tackling issues in her neighbourhood and  with the city at large, she’s become a valuable advocate in our community. I know she is prepared to be on council. Erin is a fighter and she will fight for the people of Guelph.” - James Gordon

James Gordon, Ward 2 City Councillor Guelph

James suggested I run for office. He has always stood up for people in need and boldly takes on challenges. Thank you for your years of service. 

"Erin is brilliant, compassionate, and funny. and always puts community first. Erin's deep and caring humanity is what we need to make our city more kind and inclusive for everyone." - Brendan Johnson

Brendan Johnson, Guelph Resident

Brendan exudes kindness and inclusion. He walks the walk and does the work to ensure all are welcome in his spaces. Many thanks for the kind words.

Subrata Sircar,

Senior Engineer Apple Inc.

Subrata and I worked together at Apple. I project managed various products that he coded. He has moved on to Clumio after 27 years and I bet Apple misses him as much as I do.

Erin is organized, passionate and detail-oriented but has a knack for focusing on the truly important factors in the tasks she undertakes. Erin will be a fierce and capable ally for anyone she represents.

Nasra Hussein,

Ward 1 Resident

I met Nasra through volunteering and I'm so lucky to have her support. She is an amazing woman and is committed to helping all those around her to live their best lives. 

I'm part of Guelph's queer community, chair of the City of Guelph's AAC, board of directors for the Canadian Centre for Disability Studies, & have been an access advocate in Guelph for many years. If you care about 2SLGBTOIA & disability rights, @erin is a solid pick for council ( Nasra Hussein 4h • %: If you're looking for anyone to vote for in Ward 1, vote for Erin! Erin is an ambitious, honest leader who from the beginning of meeting her back in January has advocated for accessibility and disability rights. We're tired of seeing community members fall through the cracks and just making it to "survive", our community deserves to THRIVE. Vote Erin for Ward 1 !!!
Lorelei Root (She/Her) & @Squarest_Root I've run into Erin Caton many times while advocating and delegating at council meetings in the past. They are passionate about our community, focused on equity and change, not afraid to put in hard work, and very skilled and committed. If I lived in Ward one I'd vote @erin. VOTE4 ERIN CATON City Council Ward 1 Erin Caton I'm part of Guelph's queer community, chair of the City of Guelph's AAC, board of directors for the Canadian Centre for Disability Studies, & have been an access advocate in Guelph for many years. If you care about 2SLGBTOIA & disability rights, @erin is a solid pick for council

Lorelei Root, Disability Advocate

Lorelei should have storms named after her. She is the Chair of the Accessibility Advisory Council of Guelph and volunteers on many other councils. A formidable woman.

“Spend a few minutes talking to Erin Caton, and you’ll learn a few things almost immediately. Erin is smart, fierce, and tenacious. Erin is going to do what’s right, not what’s easy, and their sense of right is solidly grounded in empathy and equality. Erin will always listen, and will always fight for what’s best for the people of Guelph.” - Simon and Dahlia Clark

Simon & Dahlia Clark, Zebraspot

An amazing couple who run a fantastic software company that has launched and improved many Guelph businesses. Just the best people.

Rodrigo Goller, Ward 2 City Councillor Guelph

Rodrigo doubled up on his endorsement, so he's twice as awesome as most councillors. :)

Goller4Ward2 @Goller4Ward2 Had a great chat with Erin Caton, Ward 1 candidate for Guelph City Council this afternoon. Erin brings a wealth of experience to the table and I believe she will be an excellent advocate for Guelph residents.  OCTOBER 24TH ELECT ERIN CATON

Claire Sauveterre, Guelph #WomanInPolitics

Claire is a force for good & change in the world of woman's politics. She works non-stop to make our city better. I am proud to have her endorsement.

Claire Sauveterre @clairestiles I'm a proud trans lesbian woman, and I am supporting @Erin because I know she will support and defend the LGBTQ+ community here in #Guelph.
ThingsAbleistsSay @... 20m Replying to @Squarest Root and @erin @erin is amazing. She helped fix issues in the last place I lived She didn't have to do, she barely knew us, but she jumped in and put her whole self into solving the problems. I wish I lived in ward 1, she'd definitely get my vote.

Zehava, Guelph Resident

Zehava is a hilarious and kind person with tremendous talent for crochet and art. The state of that apartment building was atrocious and one of the reasons I decided to run. Working with Wellington County is a must. 

Erin Caton for…• 2022-08-25 I know it's in the US, but I lived there for a while. I paid off my student loans in Canada & I fully support student loan debt forgiveness as well as school being free in future here. Imagine all the cool things we'd have in society if education wasn oppressive. #Affordability  Katie Duncan-... 2022-08-25 Gosh, you're a good human. You've got my vote 🥰

Katie Duncan,

Ward 1 Guelph

Katie is a pure joy and an epic photographer. She can make you empathize with a Japanese Beetle, and that is nearly impossible for us gardeners.

Stephanie Bitten-Evans, Ward 1 Resident

Stephanie is one of the toughest women I've ever met. She and her wife stand up for all that is good in the world and I'm proud to have her endorsement. 

steph_bites2 I'm voting for @erin_ward_1 because she doesn't just talk the talk.she walks the walk with an integrity that is sorely missed in modern day politics. I know she isn't in the pockets of property developers or wealthy donors, and that she's genuinely doing this because she cares for the people of Guelph and recognizes the need for positive change.

Rebecca Deckers, Ward 1 Resident

A champion of inclusion with a hilarious instagram account, I'm glad to have recently met Rebecca through my campaign. I can't wait to be her city councillor. 

My two votes for Ward I Counsellors! I've spoken to @chidi_nwene and Erin_wardr and I align with their values and what they envision for Ward I. neighbourbecci Erin just seems like a good human, who truly cares about our Ward. She gets my vote!
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