Erin in a pink shirt and black tie with her arms crossed. She is smiling.

Erin Caton

for Ward One City Councillor 2022
Honesty - Affordability - Leadership

Let's make Guelph a city where everyone can prosper


Thanks for helping out!!

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It takes a village and I need your help!

There are many ways you can help me make Guelph a city for everyone.

- Join the sign team

- Help hand out flyers

- Canvass in the ward

- Meet up in a park

- Talk to businesses

- Phone canvassing

- Find donors


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Guelph can be a green city.

Guelph should cater to residents, not developers.

Everyone should be able to afford to live in Guelph.

Guelph should zone for walkability in all wards.
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Find alternate funding to increased property taxes.

Require rent geared to income housing developments.

Improve access to city services.

Farmers markets in all wards.

Safe Parks for Everyone

Every new playground in Guelph should be accessible to kids and caregivers with mobility issues. Flexible surfaces are safer for every kid, easier for strollers and can't be used as litter boxes. Tell Guelph you care about kids and safety!